Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Good Idea, Bad Idea...with Chase Bank.

I really should publish these things more. Somehow, I am a magnet for finding (and suffering becaues of) things done wrong, hidden flaws in them breaking, or discovering how inflexible the design of some software: whether it is Samsung, Intuit, Microsoft (well, years ago), or...JPMorgan Chase Bank. I would bet I could turn it into a content manager/strategist position, especially given I usually find not just the major things others suffer, but stuff on the fringes. : )

Today's significant case (so far) will be written in the form of a letter:

Dear Chase, 

Online Business Banking...Good idea. Putting "cancel" by "Show Details" within Payments to Vendors and Distributors,

is a hilariously oversight with potentially disastrous (at least for a user) consequences. (Especially if like everyone else, they're conditioned to use enter to dismiss annoying pop-up modal permission dialog windows--what a mouthful).Not the account holder btw: just a family member who happened to ask for a screenshot!

Criticizing for constructive purpose,


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