Thursday, February 09, 2017

Groupon and Denny's a Duo Misleading People?

This may be yet another case of .

The deal is here (until it's possibly taken down or revised):

The screenshot they cannot change I've taken is here:

And the details ("Fine Print" and "About" sections) of the deal here:

Notice that About section too--it speaks of the many (>1,000) Franchise locations.

Now, take a look at the details of the buy page:

Notice: nothing about limits. Just "Denny's." (Same is true if you scroll-down, I've just not put the documents retained into the public screenshot since I don't want to put any credit card details online!)

Just to be thorough, here is what you see on "My Groupons" after making this purchase:

But something strange happens. You notice on the "My Groupons" page, when you click "View Details",

You see this:

Notice on the right:

The "Fine Print", of course, says the same on this page--no mention of limits to one Denny's or another:

To keep being thorough, in that box to the right, "Company Website" links to..., the generic site.

So the confusion becomes, what's with the inconsistent details? Why does the location say that Denny's is the merchant (the generic, overall brand/franchise corporation) with what you can see but, when you go back to double-look, then hover-over "Denny's" in the location area, there it points you to a "merchant map"which happens to have an address that is not generic which is...beneath all the other details on your screen, including the fine print--and the "About" section suggesting this is for Denny's overall, not a specific location or franchise???

For special insight, here is how a location-specific (details commented on screenshot) add posted to Groupon usually appears:

Is this not misleading and illegal? Yet another example of illegal practices what Groupon has been in trouble with authorities over before?

I hate to immediately be a bit confrontational but it's not like they conspire with retailers to intentionally mislead people as to whether they are getting a deal by showing higher prices than the norm and "discounting" to a price that's greater than the normal one or anything--followed by given psychopathic-signalling quasi-responses which you would get from political consultants' communications manuals...<oh wait, yes Groupon does do this>. And much more:

# Others Documenting how Groupon Manipulates through the Interface: It's like we're back in the bad old days of all the fine print being super-fine, hidden or on another page, or in a slightly-off gray to the newspaper gray to be...practically invisible.


62 Times Groupon Mislead its Customers

5 Reasons Customers are Turning Against Groupon

ASA Bans Misleading Groupon Ads

I think I'll be reporting this to a few agencies who have oversight over this kind of thing...

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Swap HTML or Adding an ID (Swap HTML & Content Using Recommended Javascript Methods not Working)

1. re-integrate references into body content,
2. whatever to-do's you've strewn about below, 
3. change prose for new environment
I've encountered an issue I see is a recurring issue inquired about on Stack*, and thought I ought to aggregate several of them, show how I've used them, chronicle findings, and ask why they may not be working so I can get something going.

To be more to the point: _You can skip to "**The Section of HTML I want to Modify**"_ **and** then _**to point "(6)"**_ for the one approach I think is most important/should work (it's even recommended here on stack, sans my added line trying to tack-on an ID in an "
But otherwise, I figure putting these together means a good opportunity for (a) documenting someone attempting each of these, (b) inviting people to throw their expertise onto this topic, (c) go for the "complete" consideration (the kind you find in their policy on what questions to ask--particularly,
completely documenting the problem and several common recommendations/approach that get given to solve it, linked below), (d) go for the "Good/Great Subjective" also mentioned in several of Stack's resources. 
Just not on stack since the first reply I got was a tl;dr. O_O I've therefore taken to adding this to my blog instead of Stack* and shortening the question there. Good thing I kept my text file from prior to posting over there. :D
I'm learning Javascript the insane way (reading a book--try to apply what you just read to some problem you have; add some documentation online, and try to make it work this time...) and flailing about wildly like a dying octopus (or something). Then reading more, and more, and more....
It's proving fruitful to discovering things I don't know. (And to ever-getting-nearer-but-not-quite.)
Like why the following isn't working. And it's the "why's" that are most interesting/needed. (And I didn't type that statement after reading Stack's resources, either.) Note the very important-est point: there is no "ID" to target with "getElementByID", which is actually the what--the outcome--we want to end-up with:
The section of HTML I want to modify:

I'm seeking either of the following:
Replace a string with a new string,
 href="#" rel="note-button" data-note-type="note" data-domhelper-name="note-button">Add note
 **ID="clickEnabledNoteButton"** href="#" rel="note-button" data-note-type="note" data-domhelper-name="note-button">Add note

I've tried a few different methods:
(1) Replace Str
Tried to use string replace but that didn't work, and read something about this not being allowed?
 [to-do: put examples (that you lost) here later]
(2) Find Replace Script
[to-do: add the links to the resources describing the problem that led to its creation, possibly as a footnote attached to a short "___ encountering ___ problem, decided ___[footnote number in superscript]".]
I grabbed
 which is as a script which was made to address more than just my problem (more specific to script:,

and then
var = findAndReplaceDOMText(a, {
  find: 'Add note',
  replace: 'Add note'
Also with "...(document.body," and other settings). Also tried by inserting "\" before all the double-quotes.
(3)  Parent. & ElementsByTag + setAttribute
I tried to leverage something recommended elsewhere,
var parent = document.getElementByID('id-setting');
var element = parent.GetElementsByTagName('tag')[index-#];
and append "setAttribute" to a third, thus:
var parentOne = document.getElementById('TicketPseudoReply');
var elementClick = parentOne.GetElementsByTagName('a')[2];

elementClick.setAttribute("id", "clickEnabledNoteButton");
[to-do: determine if latter line was inspired by  ??? ]

(4)  InnerHTML
I've seen one answer that was considered functional ,
Javascript Replace Text in the HTML Body[1]
document.body.innerHTML = document.body.innerHTML.replace('hello', 'hi');
but that didn't seem to work with HTML strings--[great resource linked][2] through. Basically, this was the second or third method tried.
(5)  Crip DOM -Walking
 I saw one that involved "walking the dom",
function walkText(node) {
  if (node.nodeType == 3) { =, "bar");
  if (node.nodeType == 1 && node.nodeName != "SCRIPT") {
    for (var i = 0; i < node.childNodes.length; i++) {
How to replace all occurrences of a string in a HTML page using Javascript[3]
which is basically (at least at first) unintelligible to a newb but:
(a) I believe because of "node"? that is, it may mean "use 'a'" for my case, but one isn't sure, and
(b) it's also difficult to think of using this to walk through all the elements when you just want one,
(c) but you wonder if it's to generate an enumeration for other use,
(d) the "[...].nodeType == 3 and ==1 lines are great for leading you to another great resource[4] but get you wondering whether "element" is used to mean both the element sign and all its attirbutes together(???).
And if c, then can this invoked with
walkText(document.body.a) or walkText(a)  OR ???
be combined with the
var parentOne...
attempt from above to get things going?
(6) The Best Recommended?
Then I remembered something[5] about using what I did in the var = parentOne only if there is one element (why???) so I try the top-rated answer[6]:
function findThirdDescendant(parent, tagname) {
  parent = document.getElementByID(parent);
  var descendants = parent.getElementsByTagName(tagname);
      if ( descendants.length )
      return descendants[2];
  return null;

var elementClick = findThirdDescendant("TicketPseudoReply", "a");

elementClick.setAttribute("id", "clickEnabledNoteButton");
But the underlying HTML I want to attack remains the same: still no "ID=clickEnabledNoteButton". x*D
At this point, I wrote,
 with this much time gone, I've learned a lot, but really need to get this next step done...and find myself not really knowing whether I ought continuing trying something like this function here,
-snipped and put into post linked below for reasons explained below-
or just ask for help.
Your superior wisdom (even if very mean) is very much appreciated and shall be paid forward (part of the reasons I wrote this process down so thoroughly--so others struggling can use the record). ;) I'm also sure that answers not just about how to fix my incompetent tries but the "why's" about these issues would provide a lot of illuminate for many more than just myself.
References (mostly stack) Cited [to-do: modify this back to something suitable for a single-resource-location] :

Enumerated "[1]", "[2]", "[3]" ... like the text above in that post.

There rather than here because <10 rep./new people aren't allowed to post >2 links.

For good reasons.[7](also in the post linked)