Saturday, July 07, 2012

Resolving the Semantic WhiteList.exe app error on the Lenovo T420 and other Product...

A most irritating thing was recurrent.

As is standard procedure on new computers these days, or seems to be, a purchase I made included the Symantec security suite, so I had to uninstall it (though to be fair, I could have had to uninstall McAfee too). Nevertheless, traces of Symantec product seemed to be left: each day something called "WhiteList.exe" kept crashing, causing a Windows dialogue with options of just closing or else closing the app and checking for errors to appear: I always just chose "close" for barely caring, (and I had searched for "Whitelist" and "Symantec" under Windows's "Program and Features" repeatedly already).

I finally took a look at the info in that dialogue by clicking "details" and discovered that it is part of "VIP Access" by Symantec, a nifty concept (<--link to the mobile version), but one I won't currently be relying upon. Searching "VIP Access" (no quotes) under "Programs and Features" gave a result, that is, "VIP Access", and this I was able to select and click "uninstall". Now that annoying crash (of a program I am not even ever invoking myself) should not keep intruding during other work!


Todd Qualls said...

Thanks for this tip. I have about a 4 week old T420 and I, of course, uninstalled the Symantec crapware immediately. I missed the VIP Access uninstall as you did. The "Whitelist" error has been driving me nuts. I finally got my Google search terms right, and found your post.

Thanks again!

a guy said...

Welcome. Glad to help: 'tis largely why this blog exists. :)