Monday, December 26, 2011

Link to How to Restore Last Session in Google Chrome ~ Web Upd8

One purpose of this blog is to provide useful stuff I have figured out, another, useful stuff I have encountered, for future reference not only by anyone else, but also myself. The title links to one such find, a little"HowTo" for restoring the previous session you may have had in Google's "Chrome" browser, which may permit one to restore a session of tabs lost to a crash, but may not facilitate restoring a session's tabs that was terminated willingly by the user. Honestly I do not know if Chrome yet provides such a feature, or if a plugin does: I use Firefox most of the time, and I am not really interested in doing any further research at the moment when I am occupied by more important tasks. So for the time being, don't ask. Unless you are paying. Not that there is likely to be a reader for some time to do so!


Charliezuco said...

You can find the answer here:

and here:

a guy said...

Hi Charlie,

I am aware of that "solution", but it is one (1) known not always to work, and (2) that is Windows-centric. (Largely a Linux guy here!) Thanks, however! The links might help someone else who drives by here.