Saturday, February 11, 2012

"To" field error in Gmail: a weird e-Mail or Gmail problem and easy solution.

"The address "​[properly formed address]" in the "To" field was not recognized. Please make sure that all addresses are properly formed.

I received this message after trying to make contact with someone offering a job by replying to their e-mail address in Gmail. The address was proper: no spaces, no unusual punctuation...

If found that someone else had encountered this issue, which later resolved, but no solution, here,

The job requirements did include, "Computer Literacy", however, which among business types is inspeak for "Comfortable Microsoft Product User", and this was a personal assistant position. That bugged me from the moment of encountering this problem. It was not that the address they had provided was originally well formed (there was a space inside of it), but I took care of that before sending.

What I suspected is perhaps an encoding method problem in one of the characters that resulted in an incompatibility: inconceivable these days maybe, but nonetheless suspected. I copied the address into a text editor and then back in to Gmail's "To" field and tried to send: same error.

So I put it back in to the editor, then below re-typed it, took that result, pasted it in to the "To" field, and pushed send...

The mailing was successful.


p4m4h3 said...

HI, I had the same problem and typing it in an editor and then pasting it worked. Is there an explanation yet?

a guy said...

Hello! I suspect the copy-pasted text was nonstandard encoding below the surface. One probably needn't type first in the text-editor, rather retyping it was simply to use standard encoding: I only even put it back in the text editor to ensure I duplicated it exactly. :)

Lacy Brown said...

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