Wednesday, May 15, 2013

LapLink 30th Anniversary Giveaways and "Chance to Win".

Laplink has announced a drawing for those who follow a few steps laid-out in their instructions, in celebration of their 30th anniversary. They want folks to share their Facebook post and blog post, though apparently their blog blog doesn't have such a post.

The oddity is the giveaway is for an unreleased product, such that as much as I hate linking to CNET this author has some good questions. The instructions are also very unclear and, though it may sound snobbish, I'm beginning to find that lack of grammatical clarity or specificity necessary for fulfilling requirements in communications signals untrustworthiness in companies.

Then again, I'm glad to offer a response: the efforts may be worth taking given the potential laptop that could result. It depends on the what an individual considers his or her time to be worth. Here's hoping to a good product, and I think a couple upcoming posts comparing the product laplink releases with existing offerings.

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