Saturday, February 23, 2013

Before you comment...

Please note, all comment are moderated.

Spammers from China liked to leave pornographic links in the comments section of my posts. (CAPTCHA while annoying is enabled to hinder scripted attempts at this.) Moderation is not enabled to censure contributions or constructive criticisms (angry rants without substantiation are ignored) but will mean your words won't go live until I have been notified and check them.

Try not to double and triple post when you don't see this appear, and note that most people do this, and revise each version because they find a problem in their writing, want to clarify, be less wordy, or realize a better way of saying something when the apparent failure to post (they think) has occurred forces them to re-visit their draft: I see every single attempted post and find this not just funny, but awesomely illuminating, and encourage you to revise your comments a few times just before posting. :)

Do note that I am not under any obligation to approve anything: the above is not intended as a sort of contracting giving you a due place to say whatever you want, however you want, irrespective of appropriacy, pertinency, cordiality, civility...or whatever other criteria I used to make a judgment call that seems appropriate. Though that doesn't mean I won't post comments complaining (e.g. this one, this one) or critical or "negative"'s just that I get to decide on my blog, period, though I am always striving to be very fair, open minded, and find the value in what someone says, and how they say it. : )

Note that the mention of "China" (which has a lot of bad associations in the last few decades, among ordinary folks) is not a xenophobic comment like "damn Mexican" (I'm currently courting a Chinese woman--wish me luck and say some prayers, I'll need it all!), but a matter-of-fact statement of where the pornographic link spam was coming from.


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