Friday, June 01, 2012

How Often Do You Need ActiveX, they ask?

This phoronix article,, asks "how often these days are you met by needing Microsoft ActiveX on the web?" The correct answer is, "ften, if you're an employee at any one of a number of large corporations". Codeweavers's target audience is the business community, and rightly so, which also happens to (a) consist largely of those computer illiterate (it's why they love Windows, because Windows panders), the people who think "knowing Microsoft Office" is computer literacy, and (b) also happens to be the market where there is significant money to be made in software: software to help them get their jobs done, and where significant sums have already been spent, unfortunately on Windows, because it seems like the best near-term cost-savings way to go, and there are standard tools, and the business-and-IT monkeys were trained in it.

That's not meant to insult the IT monkeys, btw: on the contrary, it's a friendly jab, that's all: they know more than I do, most of the time anyway.

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