Wednesday, May 30, 2012

log - upon returning to Windows (for business need, of course):
A whole day passes, fruitless in real terms: mere preparation in virtual reality...

A computer arrives, it must be customized and loaded with the software needed. It should take only a few hours, it won't be so bad, honest. Then some transfers from other computers, syncing, getting bluetooth and wireless connections established between them for file transfers and RDP, maybe desktop control using X and putty...

Twelve hours have passed, the bluetooth doesn't work right, neither RDP: syncing between commercial companies' programs fails to function as advertised--features released and marketed merely a few weeks ago, for which it turns out third-party extensions have already been devised, and so were installed to implement the implemented behavior.

Settings adjustments, utilities, media programs, browsers, security implements at every level, have all had to be installed and tweaked. After hundreds of hours research prior to the purchase, the bulk of the last twelve have been spent doing more, and a significant amount of flailing as steps taken to get functionality fail to achieve the desired outcomes...

And I haven't even installed the office software yet. Arghh!!!

O! That I would not have assumed this should go smoothly on Windows: sudo apt-get install aptitude sudo aptitude install [everything] (or even just apt-get! some love for apt-get!), where are you!


On a brighter note: Firefox syncing capabilities prove robust; Chrome tab syncing fails utterly, but everything else pushes across all signed-in machines. It's good to have C[rap]Cleaner again, Photoshop should prove fun, if I can stand it. There is still a large selection of highly functional, free software--including many open source offerings (go Sourceforge!), and MS Office is especially welcome. (Sorry LibreOffice: we'll still meet at the Linux Desktop daily!)

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