Wednesday, September 30, 2009


A common search online is for de/compression software for formats a person has no software to support, especially receiving unknown formats as attachments; more problematically are those formats for which only certain propriety solutions are well-known, such as WinRaR, particularly among the older segment of society.

A wonderful and powerful free[bie] file compressor/decompressor called ZipGenius is available for over twenty formats, however, including some unexpected ones (linux software packages, OpenOffice formatted files, etc.). Detailed information about the software can be found here on Wikipedia.

It is Windows-only, but that's the majority of the public that's using computers at a consumer level, and they are the ones most in need of such wares. This post isn't so technical or geeky, I know, but it's intended for that segment of the public, and though there's already plenty of information all over the web in regards this software, there is a flood of crappy competing wares as well as those trying to push it, often for sale instead of given freely, and every link to the english version of the home page of this software is a bump on the search engines in favor of the better offering, that is, the offering in the best interest of most users. A suite of apps (to be described in later posts) related to this application is also available here.

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