Monday, March 10, 2014

Inquiring Guy's Great Barter List

(because CL is annoying)

***>>>>>> Inquiring Guy's Great Barter List  <<<<<<**

There is also a list of things I have to Barter here. (coming)

Thing of note:  The point of a barter is to exchange between two people what each has that is of greater useful value to the other, not a direct equivalence of FMV or cash-valuated exchange. Of course, offering "junk" just because you don't want it isn't wise, but you never know either. Just don't inundate me--I'll tell Google on you and ask them to redirect all SPAM as requests to your personal computer. ;)

Of other note, as asanine as it is because of the direct harm caused to the very poor, who do this sort of thing to survive due to insufficient cash, the IRS taxes barters (in the reserve Dollar, i.e. cash) such that, frankly, it's a good idea to keep it equivalent in value, roughly, unless you WANT a gain and to be required to report and pay for taxes (no gain, no income). That said, I encourage people to pay, but I know I cannot be compelled to be an unpaid and involuntary informant of State: seriously though, pay-up for your own good.


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