Friday, July 06, 2012

VLC on the Galaxy Player 5.0 part 2


By juxtaposition of labels in one place I thought Arm7 and Cortex-A might be different things, but then seeing this list,, I can't be so sure. :*( For there Arm7 is both a family name, as well as an architecture. Alas, engineers and nerds are never EVER good at labeling and naming things lucidly for outsiders: it reminds me of a certain company for which I worked that had not only "Slinglink Adapters" but also "Sling Adapters", though actually both were "Slinglink" adapters, though one item was for a certain Satellite Receiver, to use the receiver as a server in order to stream media to any network connected device elsewhere, while the other was to pass networking signals through power lines. In other words, don't let companies closely identify their products with their company or brand name: IDIOTS!

I need to know because VLC beta (Neon) is Arm7, though I have an Alpha compiled for Exynos3110 (Samsung's, an Arm Cortex-A8--alias ARMv7-A, arghhh!!!), and I am trying to do that good-shoes helpful contribute-to-the-community thing by offering testing feedback on the Beta, though I supposed I could just offer it for the earlier Alpha (or even just force install the Beta APK and see what happens).


Screw it, I'll just install it: I took the same approach with the VLC Alpha. Now to figure out this "NEON" thing...


To discover if your device is "Neon" or "NoNeon" follow the instructions here, and using a file browswer/navigator (I recommend "Astro"), use "Open As" and select "Text" or (if you get a program dialogue "Text Editor").

Why the download is blocked in the Play Store for the USA has not been disclosed by the VLC developers, but it is available at their website, (also found due to forum contributors).


Downloaded the APK: warns that installation will replace the earlier Alpha. Agreed to it.


Stalled: "Application not installed" after the apk made an attempt. RATS! Back to the original plan...

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