Friday, July 06, 2012

VLC on the Galaxy Player 5.0 Part 1

Actually this is just a post to introduce the next, one for documentation: I installed an Alpha of VLC for Android on the Galaxy Player 5.0 via an APK available at and it runs surprisingly well. It does not play all video flawlessly, sadly, but the interface is beautiful, other functions work pretty well... couldn't wait until the Beta which, it turns out, was not, (and has not been), released for the American market at the same time (or yet).

Looking forward to getting it running, nonetheless, however, it being GPL and all. Perhaps not to become the primary multimedia tool given that Meridian already works spectacularly well.VLC would be great for streaming, though, and perhaps this is a forlorn hope, but for re-encoding things on-the-go.

Let's hope for something like command-line access and control, though perhaps one can already do that with FFMPEG? HEY, IT TURNS OUT ONE CAN!!!.

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