Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Using Gmail's Filters to Selectively Block Messages

Do you want to selectively receive e-mail communications from some entity, but not other of their mailings?

I have a membership with 24 Hour Fitness. Obtained on the cheap from Costco, I had first used their three-day pass, which requires one give an e-mail address to obtain it (and of course, means you get their spam thereafter).

I am unsure that their stores' systems and marketing system are the same or not. Though a divorce would be my bet, I do not desire to risk not receive member mailings by unsubscribing to the "become a member" advertisements.

Not that they have ever e-mailed a useful message for members, or any that I can remember, actually: ultimately, if I had to bet on it, I would take the option "block those too". Nevertheless, perhaps they will send a reminder nearing termination of my current membership?

So  I within Gmail I went to "Settings" (by clicking the icon of a gear on the upper-right), then "Filters", chose "Create a new filter" (at the bottom of the rest, listed on that page), entered the relevant e-mail address, and in the "contains" field (for text) put
which always appear in their "become a member" messages. Hopefully that should end any future contact with their marketing department or outsource-company.

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