Thursday, July 26, 2012

NES Consoles and Accessories for Sale on Amazon:

6 working original Nintendo consoles
11 working controllers
4 light guns ("Zappers")
5 power supplies (note that one is not working, two are 800 and 600 mAmp rather than 1.3A, still work, however: I would recommend upgrading the 600mAmp to at least 800mAMP with a spare from an ARC thrift store or just a cheapo ordered online)

Multiple coax attachments (I recommend just using composite because of the better quality audio and video it gives: videos linked below of all the consoles being used--6, one for each console--are connected to the tv via composite cables: the original power supplies--minus the one that isn't working--are all used, and also the supplies whose amperages are 800 and 600 mAmp, just to ensure their functioning)

7 Game Cartridges
--3 Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt
--1 Super Mario Bros 3
--1 Top Gun: The Second Mission
--1 Gyromite
--1 Skate or Die

1 Akklaim Wirless (IR) Controller Sensor (Unfortunately controller is not included--I don't have one) (SOLD)

Videos (Youtube - one for each distinct console):

Console 1
Console 2
Console 3
Console 4
Console 5
Console 6

I have separately tested every individual controller as well, having a particularly good time doing so with Mario Bros 3. ;~)

Contact me in interest to pick-up a classic console, some controls, zappers, games, etc.! Just add a comment to the blog and I will see it in the moderation area: it may take a few days for me to reply. If you are finding this first at my blog and are not in Colorado, I can send you to pages on Amazon where I am selling these things or I can finally set-up some electronic payment accounts that I need to anyways, take payment, and mail you the bunch (though before giving the total price I will have to determine the shipping costs of your particular order); if you arrived for details from Amazon, welcome to my blog!

Note that these could make a great gift for some nerd on his/her birthday or for the holidays! There is even a major demand for the original controllers vs. the many generics, as they function/behave and feel different, and these are original, so keep that in mind.

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