Saturday, July 28, 2012

Description of NESes and Peripherals for Sale on Amazon

Mere NES consoles at Amazon are selling for about $40. Add cables and a control and it rises to about 75. And that may or may not mean units that work well.

These (pics, and links to videos, there too) NES consoles, every controller, and games are tested. Zappers included with first four sets sold unless buyer indicates otherwise. Controllers are ORIGINAL Nintendo controllers--not partially or non functioning refurbished or generic controls with cheap parts. I have three copies of Mario Bros/Duck Hunt, which will be included with the first three sold with Zappers.

Though I recommend you use Composite A/V cables (theoretically better picture and audio quality), I also have RF cables to include if you want to use one of those instead of composite cables: only four RF cables total, however, so make a request. The RF cables are not tested, and if included but do not function shall not negate that these are as-is transactions (see below). In fact, I have only tested the consoles using Composite A/V cables, so cannot guarantee the RF out, or determine for you whether any problems found are in the RF cable or in the console: again, these are as-is transactions (see below). I spent over eight hours testing the consoles (with Composite cables for A/V), controls, etc., and even doing a little cleaning of parts and controls. (The worst was rather the cleaning-up an SNES control, but that's an unrelated matter!)

Having done such testing, put-up videos, and so on, therefore these are as-is transactions. See the pictures and links at "these" above. Note again that first three sets sold without buyer indicating a preference otherwise will as of this time include a Zappers per and a copy of Mario Bros/Duck Hunt; the fourth a Zapper.

In keeping with Amazon policies, the items listed on Amazon will only be sold on Amazon, period.

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