Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Overblown Fears of Sodas/Sugary Drinks

This is stupid. So don't eat fruits with citrus while you are at it: those are also acidic. Then there's acid in your stomach, which is FAR stronger than the phosphoric acid (cited in the video) sold in sodas: if you throw up every day for a few months you might start wearing down your teeth with that. Actually, it's the acid that reacted with (and removed) the eggshell after a year (if indeed the egg was left for a year--if the container remained opened like this, it's a sham), particularly with the calcium in molecules in that eggshell, which is what gives the shell strength.

Over time, it would also cook the egg (which seems to be what happened here). It is, in fact, one way I ensure fish I am cooking that is hard not to over or under cook will be safe even if I don't cook it with heat long enough: I use citric acid, and technically that makes the heat redundant.

Besides all this, it is more important to exercise than avoiding soda: or if you don't exercise, then sure, avoid soda. As one doc has put it, "your body will probably forgive you for eating anything if you move enough" (a close paraphrase). Then there is brushing your teeth: a good idea after putting anything foreign into your mouth, to remove debris and sugars from your teeth: if you drink a lot of soda, it would be a good idea to ensure you don't leave the acid in your mouth without neutralizing, and probably worse, the sugars for bacteria which dwell in the crevices in your teeth to feed upon.

Is soda particularly good for you? No. Bad? Not with moderation. But that's precisely the problem: who do we most see drinking soda? People who sit on their duffs too much. And what portions do we see people drinking this sugary drinks in? Today's small is yesterday's super-size.

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