Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tomboy Fails to Sync

So you decide to sync[hronize] Tomboy Notes and the program presents you with a message including "Server Locked", and
"One of your other computers is currently synchronizing. Please wait 2 minutes and try again."
What can you do? (How can you solve this? What's the solution?) If you are encountering this problem and for the same reasons as it arose on my system, it is one that is, thankfully, relatively easy to fix.

I've seen several places online where people have asked about this bug, including and, and happily the latter forum includes the solution, provided by user Sandy Armstrong-2:

In the folder where you're syncing your notes, delete the "lock" file.
This should fix it.
That is, check under "Synchronization" in "Preferences", which you can access by clicking on the icon in the systray (or whatever you want to call it), and while in preferences check the location of the Local Folder to which Tomboy is set to synchronize; afterwards, navigate to this location on your computer and delete the file called "lock", and your issue should be resolved.

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