Friday, September 12, 2008

Google Page-Voting

Google has an interesting voting-system for users to participate in ranking pages, thereby influencing the results on its search least in the experimental area, for the time being.

Personally, though, I'm a bit saddened by popular-rank searching of the web: it basically means that popularity, the sea of irrelevance in which the masses drown gleefully, will shroud the information I'm looking for.

Personally I've thought about an input-feature for search engines where I could remove/block/disallow certain results: one by one, or using filters such as site name, url, etc.. This would be wonderful, really: I'm often searching for unusual, non-mainstream, information (for instance, Philosophy of Science stuff, Theology, Medical info that's not written for general audiences, etc.).

I would personally like a more adapted, less-predictive (with settings to modify the behavior) approach by Google to tailor things to an individual. If, for instance, I'm searching my University's site for course dates and deadlines, I don't want results for other Universities to appear in the results; if I'm searching for uncommon things the masses take and mutilate, I want to mark-down those results until later when I research popular things.

And honestly I don't want particularly-tailored Google: I don't want it predicting results...coming across what's not intended, expected, or my desire, is often fruitful and enjoyable, opening my horizons and broadening my appreciation. That's one of the lovely things about the web; however when I'm desperate for a result, needing something specific...then tailoring (that works) would be welcome.

Hey Google: hope you're listening...and that you succeed at your organizing endeavors. : )

P.S. I don't wish that any thought of despising "the masses" be perceived: they're not only your business, but what business revolves around to function by offering advancements, solutions to their problems, and ways to meet needs, etc.. This is great.

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